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“Let’s talk for a minute about why we’re here tonight. So the truth is, and my brother Neil always makes fun of me because Neil went to college for Political Science, and he’s always like ‘you’re such an idiot about politics’ and I’m like ‘ughhhhh I just wanna dress up!’ But seriously, the thing I like about Question 6, is that it’s not really about politics at all! Yes, you have to vote in order to choose ‘Yes’ on 6, but you don’t have to be a Republican or a Democrat or either one. It has nothing to with a partisan pfffft. It’s a human-rights issue. So for my brothers and sisters who are also not that politically-minded, this is something that’s really important to everybody! And it’s very easy. And that’s what this fundraiser’s all about. It’s about raising awareness to get people to go out and vote on something that’s very simple. Do you want to give equal rights to all members of your community or not? The thing I always like to differentiate with when it comes to these types of conversations, it has nothing to do with what religion or your moral compass; where it lies. It has nothing to do with that. I have full respect for everybody’s religion. Everybody has the right to choose whatever religious, spiritual path that they wanna choose, and that’s fine. But if I’m gonna respect that path, you gotta respect my equal rights.
     And so that’s what I love about Question 6. It’s direct. Hopefully people find out about this, they come and vote for it. Even if it’s the only fucking box they check. So when I got the call that they wanted me to come down and do this fundraiser, I was very excited because I feel like it’s a little bit overdue for me to be involved in a political-anything. And this is something I can whole-heartedly back up without sounding like an idiot.
     So thank you guys for coming tonight. I hope you tell your friends about Question 6! It’s very important. Everybody has the right to just love who we love! You can go to your church, you can go to your synagogue, you can go to your temple, whatever. But give us equal rights under the law.”
-Adam Lambert on the Maryland Question 6 Vote (September 25th, 2012)

It was an intimate concert so I got really close to Adam. Second row. My hand is showing here.  The albums he is receiving were created by members of the NZGT. We were told by his bassist that he was out the back of the stage reading them:)


I just have to speak about this song for a minute.

Everyone needs to listen to this song. I mean everyone. Not just the people that support the homosexual population and defend them. Not just the people that believe in equal marriage for all individuals. Every one.

Never have I ever heard a song that so clearly brought to life the struggles, pain, and heartbreak that every homosexual person in America faces day by day. Without any anger in any direction, Adam Lambert has created a picture for any person who cannot fathom what it is like to be told you cannot love who you want.

He is not yelling. He is not screaming. He is not blaming. He is crying. He is pleading. And, he asks for things, simple things, the simple things that every straight person receives without a second thought. 

I don’t really know where I’m going with all of this. But, every person in America. Every. Damn. Person. Needs to listen to this song.  

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Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books that are now written in a very foreign tongue. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.
Rainer Maria Rilke (via sweetannasour)

Ramblings - Kia Kaha

The 3 months since my last update have been very good months!

I learned at my first Reiki course in October last year that Reiki could be used to help depression and relieve the need to be on any anti-depressants. That sowed a seed that I didn’t take long to act upon. I have been on drugs for depression and acid reflux since 2004 and I did not like the side effects of either of them and I thought, with help, I could go off them all together.

So I decided to seek Terry Draytons help from Namaste in Wanaka.

Terry is a natural healer who uses various techniques including Reiki to bring out any suppressed emotions etc that may have been hindering you living a full life. Through these sessions issues were bought up that I had never fully dealt with but had been causing me a lot of pain and affected how I thought of myself. I had been pushing myself so hard to prove I was okay that I eventually burnt out. I had never understood why, when it seemed that I had everything I needed to be extremely happy, that underneath I was never satisfied, always searching, wondering why I was feeling so dam sad.

Terry also put me onto a non-profit company called Truehope who specialise in vitamins & minerals to help depression. I have been taking those for the whole time as well and I think that also has contributed greatly to my recovery. They also kept in touch every week by phone from Canada (for free) plus they reviewed daily symptom charts that I filled out online

Well 3 months later, I am off all anti-depressants and feeling great. That churning feeling in my stomach has gone, the dark cloud has lifted and I feel motivated again. I am not saying everyday is a walk in the park but what I can say is that my days are like most other people’s now without the incredible lows that plagued me.

I have also kept up with my Reiki and recently completed my Level Two practitioner certificate. I self treat nearly every day and that also helps tremendously with my more relaxed, happy & healthy state. Their may be downs in the future but I now have the strategies and support in place to get me through them and that will not include drugs.

Also a big big thank you to my friends Jan & Diane who were my support people but most of all to my family, because, without them, this whole journey would not have been possible.


Recently I completed my Reiki Level Two training, and I am receiving so much from my self healing sessions that I thought that I would share a little about Reiki with you.

Reiki is a Japanese word simply meaning “Universal Life Energy” and can best be described as a natural healing process that expands and harmonises any living force.

Reiki is a simple and powerful system of energy work, laying on of hands and remote healing that can transform lives. Reiki works on the body, mind, emotional and spiritual levels.
It releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.

Reiki has an innate intelligence and goes wherever needed in the body, helping to cleanse the body of toxins.

Having and using Reiki increases the flow of higher vibrations of energy through your aura and into the physical body. Reiki energy works to harmonise, or bring into balance, the total you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You can learn to give Reiki treatments to yourself, family and friends.

Reiki energy treats and energises you even while you are treating others. The use of Reiki as a relaxation and stress reducing technique is becoming accepted and widespread; and it enhances other bodywork and healing practices.

Reiki is a natural process and is not dependent upon a belief system. It is safe and nurturing, powerful and subtle. It can be safely applied in conjunction with orthodox medical treatment and will in fact enhance their potency.

Application is deceivingly simple as the practitioner needs only to passively place their hands over nominated areas of your body whilst you remain fully clothed.

Over time it can enhance intuition, meditation and personal spiritual evolution.

Thank you to and

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